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CCD Instructions

Step-by-Step Guide to Download CCD (Medical
History) from Healthcare Providers

[CCD refers to a “Continuation of Care Document” (CCD) in the “Extensible Markup Language” (XML) format. XML is a language that allows a computer to easily understand and work with your data.]

ZibdyHealth has created a “Smart HIE” ( which provides interoperability of data between different EMRs, allowing providers or patients to easily  consolidate medical data from different EMR systems. It would dramatically improve transitions  of care, including discharges, or chronic disease management or manage high risk patients and  transfers between institutions.

To consolidate medical history data, ZibdyHealth imports health information using a CCD from any EMR. It also offers a report feature which generates on-demand HL7 complaint “super CCD” with consolidated data which can be imported into any EMR.

Please find your healthcare provider listed below and click on the link. This will take you to the  detailed instructions to download your CCD from the provider’s patient portal. If your provider   is not in our list. You can try 2 approaches:

1. Find a provider in our list which is using same EMR vendor. Most likely steps to download will be same.

2. Call your healthcare provider and ask them. There is always a support phone number on every patient portal. If you are successful in downloading your CCD, please share the  steps with us so that we can share them with other ZibdyHealth users.

Provider Name list (Alphabetic Order)