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1Oct, 2018

Manage Your Lab Test with ZibdyHealth

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Almost every visit to the doctor these days includes getting one or more lab tests to help the doctor diagnose and manage our ailments. These tests provide valuable information about our health, but often times they are only a snapshot of our current state. Sometimes the trends are even more important than one measurement. However, keeping track of those trends on your own can be difficult. If the doctor gives you your results, how do you keep track of them? Are they in an electronic form (such as in a […]

1Oct, 2018

ZibdyHealth offers a Simple and Secure Way to Consolidate and Manage Health Records

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Press Release   According to a CDC survey, over 96% of Americans would like to share their medical history with their immediate family. With ZibdyHealth, users gain ownership of their medical records and the ability to share them with anyone.   San Diego, July 28th 2015 – Zibdy, Inc. announces the launch of their secure and free DIY tool within ZibdyHealth application to consolidate medical records ( using Microsoft Azure.   Following the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act, Zibdy, Inc. has announced that their platform – […]

1Oct, 2018

Asthma Action Plan Blog

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San Diego, July 28th 2015 – The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) recommends that all Asthma patients have an Asthma Action Plan to help them control symptoms and stay well. The plan is generated from a Personal Peak Flow which is measured by you and your doctor. Benefits of Having an Asthma Action Plan The Asthma Action Plan is the Asthma patient’s personal guide to help control their asthma, and avoid getting into “trouble”. The plan helps the patient avoid symptoms, as well as enjoy an active lifestyle, […]

1Oct, 2018

ZibdyHealth Launches the “Smart HIE” Health Information Exchange Allows Healthcare Providers to go Beyond Simple Data Sharing

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WITH “SMART HIE”, ZIBDYHEALTH WILL PROVIDE PATIENT MEDICAL RECORD INTEROPERABILITY IN A SECURE ENVIRONMENT, TRANSFER DATA OWNERSHIP TO THE PATIENT AND PROVIDE USERS WITH A RICH SUITE OF TOOLS TO MANAGE THEIR HEALTH IN A VERY SIMPLE TO USE APPLICATION.   San Diego, February 24th 2016 – Zibdy, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of their “Smart HIE” for healthcare providers( In the past few years, numerous health information exchanges have been established across the country to support medical data interoperability. Almost all of these exchanges have been heavily […]

1Oct, 2018

Pharmacogenomics and the future of medicine

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You have probably heard that certain medications have worked well for one person but not for another and similarly, sometimes these medications have unwanted side effects for some but not others. There are many factors responsible for these differences, such as age, gender, and our genes. The study of this drug-gene relationship is known as “Pharmacogenomics” or “Pharmacogenetics”, and involves study of the impact of genetic differences on the way our bodies process medications. Pharmacogenomics is a core element of personalized medicine. There are well over 20,000 genes in our […]

13Feb, 2018

Healthcare Interoperability Is Not A Technical Issue

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For true interoperability, the flow of data needs to be bi-directional and unrestricted within a secure environment. We need to eliminate friction, and make information simple to understand, easy to use and helpful to every person out there, regardless of their ability or resources.   This is how we define interoperability at ZibdyHealth.   It is also CRITICALLY important for lowering the cost of healthcare. If we want to break away from our current healthcare model of providing care only to those who are sick, so that we can deliver […]