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Caring for Seniors with ZibdyHealth

By: | Tags: , , , , , , , , | Comments: 0 | October 1st, 2018

Caring for family, friends or clients who are seniors can be a challenge, particularly when it comes to medical issues. Dementia, forgetfulness and miscommunication can lead to significant consequences, unless one is able to attend all of the doctor’s visits, and monitor key health measures such as medication adherence and blood sugars for example.

ZibdyHealth helps to bridge this gap for caregivers, while also empowering the seniors themselves to take more control of their own health. For seniors who are still independent, this simple easy to use program provides an easy way to maintain an accurate medication list, check for drug interactions/adverse reactions, and provide reminders to help with medication adherence.

For caregivers, ZibdyHealth helps subjects create a circle of care by creating a simple secure method to connect and share their information very easily with anyone they choose to do so. This allows a caregiver or family to help or manage the accounts for persons who are not technology savvy anywhere they live around the world. Caregivers or case managers can remotely login in a shared account and monitor patient’s medication compliance and setup reminders for the patient. In the future, ZibdyHealth will also allow caregivers to monitor vital signs, blood sugars, and other data from sensors that the patient may be using.


How the care giving works

A senior can be connected with a caregiver or case manager (at home or in an assisted care facility) simply by linking the senior’s account to the caregiver’s account in ZibdyHealth, and setting up the permissions appropriately. This gives the care giver direct, real-time, access to the senior’s account. The caregiver can add or delete medications, reminders to take them, monitor vital signs, vaccinations and all the other benefits that ZibdyHealth provides. Even if the senior themselves doesn’t – or can’t – use ZibdyHealth, the account set up for a senior can be shared by all the caregivers – professional and family members. This can include notes on hospital visits/stays, therapeutic management, falls and so on. ZibdyHealth provides keeps all of this information securely stored, allowing caregivers to review the senior’s health over time. The caregivers can then share decision making on how to assist the senior.


Medication Reminders

Seniors tend to be prescribed many medications (poly-pharmacy) taken at different times through the day, it is often hard for them to remember which to take when. ZibdyHealth allows the senior or a caregiver to set up a reminders schedule precisely – telling the senior which drugs to take when, along with reminding them of specific instructions for a medication (for example “take 2 tablets with food”).


ZibdyHealth has a “reminder verification” feature which allows caregivers to monitor medication adherence. A patient/caregiver can setup reminders for medication of patient choosing (phone call, phone alarm, email reminder, or text) and track if patient is actually taking their medication with a follow-up reminder. Then caregivers can remotely login and look at the adherence reports generated by the application.


Drug-Drug interactions

ZibdyHealth has an up-to date database of over 1,064,018 medications from around the world that allow individuals to rapidly assess drug-drug interactions and overdose potential whenever a new drug is prescribed. ZibdyHealth uniquely uses a barcode scanning approach that allows this checking to occur just by scanning in the barcode of a medication, allowing an individual to check for drug-drug interactions for over the counter medication even before they are purchased, (i.e. scanned in the aisle of a drug store). This can be done by the senior themselves – or by a relative or caregiver who is picking the medication up for them. The caregiver just needs to have the senior linked to their account in ZibdyHealth.


Assistance with Doctor Visits

Elders have frequent doctor appointments, and inevitably are required to provide a current medications list and, depending on their medical condition, provide data such as blood pressure measurements taken, blood glucose levels, history of falls and so on. ZibdyHealth has numerous features that allow all of this information to be recorded – again, by the senior or their caregiver. The information is given a time and date stamp, and then stored in the senior’s account, and then can be produced as a pdf or sent out in an email for each doctor visit. Notes can also be saved, recording how the senior has been feeling and so on – all with the date and time of recording, providing a “running health history” for the senior.


Together, these features of ZibdyHealth, along with others in development, comprise an excellent tool for the care and management of health in seniors. Consider using it to help simplify your life.


For more information watch our video “Caring with ZibdyHealth” Tutorial Videos.


Please do not forget to let us know what features you like and what else you will like us to include in future release. You can always reach us at