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1Oct, 2018

Caregiving (and sharing) with ZibdyHealth

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Taking care of parents and/or children is an important feature of ZibdyHealth. A number of features in ZibdyHealth are designed specifically to assist with this. First is the concept of associations. These are normally family members, but can also be friends, doctors and care givers. Associations can be set up as sub accounts or as linked independent accounts. When independent accounts are linked, permissions must be set to allow them to be managed by other users. Using this model, caregiving can be carried out and even shared.   ZibdyHealth for […]

1Oct, 2018

Getting Ready For Discharge – Transition Of Care

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The period after being discharged from a hospital is a very vulnerable time for patients, as the responsibility for care is shifting from hospital providers, back to the individual or to outside caregivers. The patient is moving from a situation where they are monitored around the clock, and trained staff is handling all of their health and wellness needs, to one in which they may be completely on their own. This transition also often includes changes in prescriptions, new therapies, and potentially follow-up appointments. More than half of patients experience […]

1Oct, 2018

Managing Medications with ZibdyHealth

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Medications are one of the main tools doctors use to maintain their patients’ health. We all know you take a Tylenol for a headache, and Advil for a toothache and Insulin for Diabetes, but for most lay people, not much more is known about these drugs. In addition, for individuals taking many medications, it becomes very hard to keep track of doses, times, let alone remembering to take all of the medication. Where do you keep all the information? Is all this information tracked by our doctor? Simple answer is […]